Ok I think I may need to change my blog’s name.  Maybe to diary of a cheated on spouse or journals of a married woman who is consistently lied to.

I am writing this post while I am still angry and without alcohol.  So be forwarned that this probably will not be pg 13 lol.  I hope you understand.  So I am going to put this scenario out to my readers and see what you all say.  This may be long so hang in there.  And I will probably be taking tangents along the way.

My husband and I got new cell phones and new phone numbers.  Ok first tangent, let me fill you in that my husband has been caught cyber cheating.  Actually caught not just I think he was kinda thing.  And we are still working on the trust issues from that.  Well we also switched from a regular home phone to magic jack.  And as far as I knew only 2 people had that number besides us.  And nobody besides the 2 people I mentioned has ever called the number.  No sorry wrong number calls or anything. 

Well all day long my husband was on his cell phone texting.  No big deal.  I am not his mother.  And I am a texter.  Well I felt completely ignored so I watched tv and browsed the internet. 

Well he went to the gas station to get beer about 3-330 pm.  When he got back he said he saw a guy he works with.  To continue keeping this blog anonymous I am going to call him “R”.  Nothing else was said. 

Well around 5 pm “R” showed up to the house with his buddy.  Well I refused to go outside and socialize.  One because we have been arguing here lately and the husband promised to spend more time with me.  And two because I was in the Navy and have a strict no fratenizing policy.  Husband is a manager and “R” is not.  So they sat outside and talked and drank beer.  No big deal.  Again I am not his mother. 

So I decided to go to our bedroom where it was really cool and curl my hair.  I wanted to play around with it since I am going to get it highlighted and cut tomorrow.  I am still debating how to get it cut and etc.  He came back about 2 times and asked if I minded if they went to get more beer.  I said “do whatever you want.  I wanted to spend time with my husband and you promised to spend more time with me and the kids. ”  He went anyway and I didn’t say anything.  Well the house phone rang a couple of times and knowing that none of my people even have the number I didn’t bother answering it since I could hear him outside. 

Well around 830 pm he came to the bedroom, already drunk.  And said he was going with “R” to the end of the street to look at a car for sale.  And that he would be right back.  I said whatever and continued what I was doing.  This is when I should have started checking.  I didn’t start to get aggravated until about 940 pm.  It was pitch black outside.  Let me tangent this to say that we live on a private street with 4 houses including ours.  Well the man who lives at the end of the street does fix and sell cars.  Well he also has lighting equipment to be able to see in the dark. 

This is where I am going to put in additional information.

I sent him a text at 10:06 pm and it said”how long does it take to look at a car in the dark?”

I got a message at 10:07 that was blank. So I figured that was a mistake and waited for the actual message.  **Checking his phone it shows me that he cancelled the message**

I sent him a message at 1010 pm and said ” yeah that message just said no content”

no response

then at 1019 pm that said ” u cant answer ur phone”

still no response. 

I tried calling him at 1015 pm and it went straight to voicemail so he had turned his phone off.  So in the 4 minutes between my first text and my call he turned his phone off.  Very suspicious. 

I went outside to wait on him.  Well like I said before we live on a private small road.  We do not have any kind of street lamps on our street or on the street leading to my house.  And guess what I don’t see?  Any kind of lights.  But I do see a lot of cars passing by our street which is very unusual.  Well around 11 pm I see the outline of 2 people walking down our street so I figure one is him and one is”R” helping him home.  Well about the spot where they would be able to see me sitting on the porch one of the outlines turns around and walked back up the street and next thing you know I see my husband. 

I immediately ask him why he turned his phone off.  He said his battery went dead.  SO I said let me see and he gave me his phone.  I turned it on right there in front of him and looked at the battery level and it showed 3 out of 4 bars.  I showed him and he didn’t have an answer.  That was a straight ass lie he told me. 

Well I asked him where he had been and he had no answer.  I asked him who he was with and still he had no answer.  So we were arguing in the kitchen and he pushed me three times.  So that really set me off.  I told him that apparently he didn’t care about me or our marriage. 

He then called me a fat ass lazy bitch.  Well lets start with the fat ass part.  I have told him extensively that I used to have anorexia and bulimia and was actually hospitalized twice for it.  And that him calling me fat or anything close to it really deeply bothers me.  A few days ago we talked extensively about it since he called me that in an argument.  And he swore up and down he would never say it again.  Well he did.  The next part, lazy.  We have two window air conditioners in our house.  One in our bedroom and one in the kid’s bedroom.  The rest of the house has been getting super hot since it has been so hot in our area.  It gets so hot in our house that you drip in sweat by just sitting.  I was a nurse in the Navy so I know all about heat stroke.  So if I don’t clean during the day because I don’t want to give myself heat stroke I shouldnt have to hear shit about it.  So to compensate for not cleaning during the day I was staying up all night every other night to clean.  Then I heard shit because I wasnt going to bed with him.  Damned if I do damned if I don’t kind of thing.  During our big conversation we went over this and once again he swore never to say it again because he understood.  Last part, bitch.  Now I don’t mind being called a bitch.  Except when it is my husband and he is using it to call me names.  I am sorry but my friends and blood family are the only people permitted to call me a bitch.  He swore he would never call me this again. 

Well I checked the home phone and noticed that we had an “anonymous” call at 801 pm.  Very shortly before he “went to look at a car”. We have had this phone for 2 weeks and only 3 people have called it 2 of his friends and one being him.  Suspicious.  When asked about it tonight he acted like he had no clue.  Liar.

I also checked his phone and like any good cheater/liar he had erased everything before my text.  So I went to sign into his account and it said the password was incorrect.  We always keep the same passwords for everything so nothing is hidden and is easily looked into.  Part of the trust thing.  Well so I went to forgot password and tried all the available secret questions.  Still a no go.Suspicious and will be brought up. 

There was also a 6 pack of beer in the fridge before he left so I when I looked guess what wasnt in the fridge?  That is  reer.  I should have known to look at these things before he left. 

So back to when he came home.  I remembered that my phone had video recording on it.  So since the next day he always tells me that he didn’t say this or that I decided to record.  Almost 15 minutes worth.  He ignored me for the first part.  And sidenote he didn’t know he was being recorded.  He refused to tell me what he had been doing while he was gone, where he was at, and who was there.  Very suspicious.  I will be honest I was being a complete smartass.  I think that a wife should be given an answer to where, what and with whom.  Not telling me is disrespectful and hiding something.  He called me a bitch multiple times.  Something he swears he doesn’t do and wouldn’t do anymore.  Sidenote, I have such a sexy voice lmao.  And I am a complete smartass. 

So this is the plan.  I will break this into two parts.  One being the normal and one being the bitch.

The Normal

I will be staying up to ask him all the same questions and telling him what he said to me and what he called me.  All done without the knowledge of me having recorded 15 minutes of it.  Sidenote, I will be getting a memory card to put in my phone so I can record more than 15 minutes.  And when he swears to not saying the shit I will whip the phone out and show him the video.  Wonder what his response will be then.  I will try to set up the video camera to catch that action.  This may have been the last straw to our marriage.   He will also be giving me the password to his account and voicemail and also his secret question and answer. 

The Bitch

First off “R” is not permitted on my property.  If he comes over I will let him know he isn’t permitted here and to leave.  If he doesn’t then I will be calling the police and issuing him a no trespass notice.  And from now on for anybody I do not want on my property I will be doing the same. 

We share one car.  The one that I pay all the registration, insurance, and taxes on.  The one in only my name.  Th one I bought while I was in the Navy way before I met him.  He will not be allowed to use it.  I will drive him and pick him up to and from wherever he needs to be. 

I will be checking his phone, email, and all accounts frequently. 

He has to go into work tomorrow and do payroll.  Well I will be up and ready and have the kids ready and we will be taking him in and hanging out while he is there.  And from now on anyplace that he needs to be I will be going.  Now I am not going to be hanging out at his work all the time.  But I will be showing up spontaneously a lot. 

Until he can show me he is someone to be trusted again I am not trusting anything he says and will be checking to make sure he is telling the truth. 

I can’t keep him from doing something if he wants to but I can make it hard as hell. 

He thinks I am a bitch now, well, he hasn’t witnessed me being a bitch yet.

At this point, I don’t care if we stay together or get a divorce.  What happens will be because of his actions.

I will continue being me.  I will start taking care of myself for once.  I will only be looking out for mine and my children’s best interests. 

I am a young, beautiful, intelligent, vibrant woman.  I do not need to allow myself to be treated so badly.