A new Adam and Eve email hit my inbox this evening. 


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So the deal with this is that after you receive the 10 bucks off your order you need to have added enough to your cart to still need to pay 17 bucks. 

I am a sucker for these deals.  I love sex toys and I love porn. 

So this is what I ordered:

Adam and Eve G Spot Explorer Kit

“Find your G Spot… and get ready for multiple orgasms!
Valued at $64.85, saving you an amazing 70%!

Take the mystery out of the G Spot! This kit contains everything you need to start enjoying powerful G Spot orgasms and pave the way for mind-blowing multiple orgasms!

The Adam and Eve G Spot Explorer Kit includes the following items:

G-Gasm Delight Vibrator
This specially-shaped vibrator targets your G Spot with a bulb-shaped tip, making it easier to find and massage that elusive spot! A powerful egg vibrator rests in the large tip, allowing for direct stimulation whether you’re probing her G Spot or clit or his prostate! And it’s even water-resistant for easy cleaning. The dial controller in the vibrator’s base lets you easily switch the sex toy on and off as well as change speeds. The G-Gasm Delight vibrator measures 7 inches long and 1.5 inches across at the tip, and is made from plastic for durability and easy penetration. The vibrator’s powered by 2 AA batteries, sold separately.

Unlocking the Secrets of the G Spot DVD
Sexual satisfaction is redefined in this educational adult movie that teaches lovers how to break their sexual routines and reach new levels of pleasure. Unlock the mystery of male multiple orgasms and explore the phenomena of G-Spot (Grafenberg) orgasms and female ejaculation.

A&E G Spot Cream
Just rub a small dab of this cream on your G Spot to enhance your pleasure even more. The cream goes to work immediately, increasing blood flow to your G Spot to make it easier to find while enhancing the nerves to further heighten your pleasure. The jar contains enough cream for dozens of applications.”

I absolutely love kits.  I want to have more squirting orgasms so maybe this will do the trick.  I am extremely excited about the cream.  I have another one of the A & E creams and it does exactly as described.  I have never had a g spot vibrator so I am looking forward to it.  I am hoping the DVD will be very instructional.  That way we can watch it together and maybe I will get to squirt a lot practicing lol.

Oral Delights Couple Kit

“Craving A Good Licking?
Make oral sex even more fun — all in one kit! The waterproof  4” mini-massager has a nubby-head attachment PLUS a soft UR3 3” “tongue” sleeve to drive your partner over the edge! You also get 1-oz. bottles of wild cherry-flavored Good Head Gel for flavorful blowjobs, and strawberry Lick Me Licker Gel for tastier body parts!”

Once again I love kits.  I really love oral sex and this kit is perfect.  It comes with a little vibrator with nubs that looks perfect for clit stimulation.  The kit comes with a tongue sleeve which is either going to be a huge hit or a miss.  And to round it out you get a bottle of good head gel and a bottle of lick me licker gel.  I love giving blow jobs so the taste doesn’t bother me.  But maybe with this gel I may do so a little more “eagerly”. 

Adam and Eve Scarlet Stroker

“Male masturbator’s ribs stroke your cock!
Exclusive sex toy available only from Adam and Eve!

Lube up, slide in and let this men’s sex toy do all the hard work while you sit back and enjoy it!

Male masturbator lined with ribs for additional stimulation
Textured outer surface for better grip
Adult sex toy stretches to accommodate most sizes
Masturbator is open ended for easier cleaning

The inside of this male masturbator is lined with dozens of soft, soothing ribs that stroke and rub against your cock with every thrust of this adult sex toy! The tight opening creates a special “first-time” feeling when you slide between those soft, colorful lips. And the adult sex toy’s outer shaft is covered with ribs, giving you a secure grip even when your hands are slick with sex lube so the masturbator won’t fly off!

Made from jelly, this male masturbator is soft to the touch and extremely flexible, providing a snug and comfortable fit around your penis. The masturbator’s jelly material easily stretches to help accommodate any sized man. And the ticklers bend and move easily while you pump away with this adult sex toy. This male masturbator measures 4 inches long and 1.5 inches across at its widest point.

Adam and Eve recommends this adult sex toy for men to use during masturbation or for couples to use during foreplay.

This male masturbator is compatible with water-based and silicone-based sex lubes. After you’re finished using this sex toy, wash it in warm, soapy water and rinse it clean. The male masturbator’s open-ended design lets you hold it up to the faucet to flush the sex toy completely clean. After letting the masturbator dry, store it in a cool, dark place apart from your other adult sex toys.”

This item was including in the offer.  I have purchased a few of these for my husband.  I love using them on him and watching his face.  I hope this one is just as great as the other ones. 

You also get to choose between a surprise dvd or toy and we picked dvd this time.  I am eager to see what it is.

I will review these items when I get them.