This is the third and final installment of my list of songs to strip to.  Hope you enjoy.

Tool “Sober”

This song is incredibly haunting.  Wanna give your man a memory?  Strip to this song.  Then just randomly play it every now and then and watch his face light up. 

Nerd “Lapdance”

Just listen and you will understand.

Christina Milian “Dip it Low”

This song is great for stripping.  Lyrics: “Ima show ya how to make your man sing”. 

TLC ” Red Light Special”

This song is like the kinda girl who yells “Fuck me now!”

Rob Zombie ” Living Dead Girl”

Great song.  It is a must on my list. When he says “living dead girl” and the beat kicks in I wanna rip my clothes off.”

I hope you have enjoyed my list!  A little off the wall, yes.  But good anyway.  My main rule for stripping is to pick music that makes you either want to get naked or bang.  If the song doesn’t do either to you then you need to pick a different song. 

Side note: If you decide to use my list to make your own CD, please download legally.