This is part two of my songs to strip to.  Enjoy.

Nelly Furtado “Say It Right”

The combination of her voice and the beat behind this song is fantastic. 

Billy Idol “Eyes Without a Face”

No real explanation.  Just listen to it.  Quite simply it makes me want to get down.

Shakira “She Wolf”

Shakira reminds me of sex.  The beat is great.  And with lyrics like “I’m gonna get me a lover and tell you about it” it has to be on a strip CD.

Lovage “Sex (Im a)”

This song is haunting and über sexy.

Nelly “Grillz”

This song is more for my husband than for me.  Dont get me wrong I love the song and it makes me want to dance.  During the beginning of our relationship my husband’s sister took me out to the club.  I invited my husband to show up a little later.  This song came on and I got down to it.  My husband had never seen me dance before and lets just say he was very impressed. 

That was part two.  I hope you have enjoyed the list so far.  Next up is part three.