Well I was feeling really frisky this morning so I had to jump my husband. 

 We were laying in bed and I inched closer and closer to him.  Then I reached down and started stroking his cock.  He started to get hard very quickly.  I was planning on making this morning all about him but it didn’t happen that way.  He started fondling my breasts and nipples.  It felt amazing.  I love having my breasts played with.  I have actually orgasmed from nipple play.  He then started playing with my clit.  Rubbing and flicking it.  Then he slid his fingers deep into my pussy.  I thought I was going to cream all over his fingers. 

I put my back against him and slid his dick into my pussy.  He pumped his dick into me over and over again.  It was great.  Then I took control and started grinding on him.  He was really vocal about when he was about to cum.  I pulled away at the exact moment before he came.  While I was grinding on him he was playing with my breasts and nipples.  I have to say that I loved that part and I really am craving that more. 

Then the fun really began.  I was so wet from our fucking that I took his dick out of my pussy and slid it slowly into my ass.  First I put the head in and then I put it in inch by inch until he was fully inside my ass.  I shuddered from how great it felt.  I love anal when I am super wet and really turned on.  I let him take control.  That is when the dirty talk started.  My husband goes crazy when I talk dirty to him.  He told me he was cumming and instead of trying to keep him from cumming, I told him to cum in my ass.  I could feel his dick pulsating. 

I told him I hadn’t came yet so he went to the bathroom to pee and clean up and then came back.  What happened next was something we normally wouldn’t have done.  He played with my breasts and nipples again.  He started playing with my pussy.  Although I normally wouldn’t have thought about how long it took.  I really wanted this to be more about him.  So cumming quickly was necessary. 

I spread my pussy wide open and he found my clit quickly.  Just when I was about to peak he stuck his fingers inside me and kept me from cumming.  We played like this for about 15 minutes.  I asked him to get my dildo and play with me. 

That is when my party started.  I have to tell you that my dildo is not small.  It is about 9 inches from head to balls and very thick.  I can never take all of it.  But that doesnt keep my husband from trying to make me take all of it.  He slid it inside me and I felt completely stretched.  I love that feeling.  He was fucking me hard with it and fingering my clit at the same time.  When I came, I came hard. 

That is a perfect way to start the day in my book.