It is day one!  I am super excited to start this.  I hope my husband is ready lol! 

I am a firm believer that if you feel sexy you will act sexy.  And how else would I want to act during this challenge?  I am going to start my day by getting sexy.  Sexy outfit, hair done, makeup on, smelling good, and completely shaved.  Nothing will put an extra bounce in your step than knowing that down below you look sexy. 

I have the perfect thing in mind.  About two months ago I decided I was going to be super sexy and surprise him.  I had purchased a temporary stripper pole a few years back and decided to bust it out.  Well I couldn’t use it because I have vaulted ceilings which sucked.  But I didn’t let that stop me.  I put on sexy black panties, black bra, fish net stockings, my husbands dress shirt and tie.  I told him to sit in the chair and I turned the music up.  I gave him one hell of a lap dance and strip tease if I do say so myself.  He seemed to really enjoy it.  I could tell when I started to dance around and unbutton the shirt.  I spread his legs and put my breasts in his face and slid down his body to find a rock hard erection.  Of course that night we banged like we did when we first met. 

After that night, I thought to myself that I could get used to that so I purchased some accessories.  I purchased a set of garters, a nurse costume, a strobe light, and a couple of porn dvds with the theme of strippers.  Well life got in the way and the stuff hasn’t been used. 

What better time than day one of the 365 day nympho sex challenge?  I am going to start things off with a bang. 

Before the Action

First thing to do is hitting the ATM and getting money.  Then going to the bank and getting them to cash them into 1 and 5 dollar bills.  How many of you think I am going to get a wierd look on that one?  Make my CD of music to play.  I am going to get the kids to bed early. Set the strobe light up when he isn’t looking and hide it.   

Beginning the Action

Then I am going to put a dvd in and start watching it with him.   I am going to go to the bedroom and get dressed up in my nurse costume and hot shoes with the garter belt.  When I come out I am going to do a few spins and show off a bit and tease.  Switch the strobe on and start the music.  Get him in the chair and start the joyride…

The Action

I don’t need to put much here because we all know the basics lol.  He is going to get a striptease and a lap dance.  And that money I pulled from the bank?  He is going to have to use it to keep getting me undressed and will have to give it all to me before any of the sex begins.  The fantasy is stripper here not hooker lol. 

I can’t wait and I will be back on the 2nd to tell you all about it and what the reaction was. 

Also one thing I left out was another rule for the challenge.  If my husband initiates sex I will not say no.  And if he asks me to do something like anal or having sex outside I am not going to say no.  There will be limitations but for the most part if he wants it he is going to get it. 

This is the nurse costume he is going to get:

Super sexy right?