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Liars and Cheaters

Ok I think I may need to change my blog’s name.  Maybe to diary of a cheated on spouse or journals of a married woman who is consistently lied to.

I am writing this post while I am still angry and without alcohol.  So be forwarned that this probably will not be pg 13 lol.  I hope you understand.  So I am going to put this scenario out to my readers and see what you all say.  This may be long so hang in there.  And I will probably be taking tangents along the way.

My husband and I got new cell phones and new phone numbers.  Ok first tangent, let me fill you in that my husband has been caught cyber cheating.  Actually caught not just I think he was kinda thing.  And we are still working on the trust issues from that.  Well we also switched from a regular home phone to magic jack.  And as far as I knew only 2 people had that number besides us.  And nobody besides the 2 people I mentioned has ever called the number.  No sorry wrong number calls or anything. 

Well all day long my husband was on his cell phone texting.  No big deal.  I am not his mother.  And I am a texter.  Well I felt completely ignored so I watched tv and browsed the internet. 

Well he went to the gas station to get beer about 3-330 pm.  When he got back he said he saw a guy he works with.  To continue keeping this blog anonymous I am going to call him “R”.  Nothing else was said. 

Well around 5 pm “R” showed up to the house with his buddy.  Well I refused to go outside and socialize.  One because we have been arguing here lately and the husband promised to spend more time with me.  And two because I was in the Navy and have a strict no fratenizing policy.  Husband is a manager and “R” is not.  So they sat outside and talked and drank beer.  No big deal.  Again I am not his mother. 

So I decided to go to our bedroom where it was really cool and curl my hair.  I wanted to play around with it since I am going to get it highlighted and cut tomorrow.  I am still debating how to get it cut and etc.  He came back about 2 times and asked if I minded if they went to get more beer.  I said “do whatever you want.  I wanted to spend time with my husband and you promised to spend more time with me and the kids. ”  He went anyway and I didn’t say anything.  Well the house phone rang a couple of times and knowing that none of my people even have the number I didn’t bother answering it since I could hear him outside. 

Well around 830 pm he came to the bedroom, already drunk.  And said he was going with “R” to the end of the street to look at a car for sale.  And that he would be right back.  I said whatever and continued what I was doing.  This is when I should have started checking.  I didn’t start to get aggravated until about 940 pm.  It was pitch black outside.  Let me tangent this to say that we live on a private street with 4 houses including ours.  Well the man who lives at the end of the street does fix and sell cars.  Well he also has lighting equipment to be able to see in the dark. 

This is where I am going to put in additional information.

I sent him a text at 10:06 pm and it said”how long does it take to look at a car in the dark?”

I got a message at 10:07 that was blank. So I figured that was a mistake and waited for the actual message.  **Checking his phone it shows me that he cancelled the message**

I sent him a message at 1010 pm and said ” yeah that message just said no content”

no response

then at 1019 pm that said ” u cant answer ur phone”

still no response. 

I tried calling him at 1015 pm and it went straight to voicemail so he had turned his phone off.  So in the 4 minutes between my first text and my call he turned his phone off.  Very suspicious. 

I went outside to wait on him.  Well like I said before we live on a private small road.  We do not have any kind of street lamps on our street or on the street leading to my house.  And guess what I don’t see?  Any kind of lights.  But I do see a lot of cars passing by our street which is very unusual.  Well around 11 pm I see the outline of 2 people walking down our street so I figure one is him and one is”R” helping him home.  Well about the spot where they would be able to see me sitting on the porch one of the outlines turns around and walked back up the street and next thing you know I see my husband. 

I immediately ask him why he turned his phone off.  He said his battery went dead.  SO I said let me see and he gave me his phone.  I turned it on right there in front of him and looked at the battery level and it showed 3 out of 4 bars.  I showed him and he didn’t have an answer.  That was a straight ass lie he told me. 

Well I asked him where he had been and he had no answer.  I asked him who he was with and still he had no answer.  So we were arguing in the kitchen and he pushed me three times.  So that really set me off.  I told him that apparently he didn’t care about me or our marriage. 

He then called me a fat ass lazy bitch.  Well lets start with the fat ass part.  I have told him extensively that I used to have anorexia and bulimia and was actually hospitalized twice for it.  And that him calling me fat or anything close to it really deeply bothers me.  A few days ago we talked extensively about it since he called me that in an argument.  And he swore up and down he would never say it again.  Well he did.  The next part, lazy.  We have two window air conditioners in our house.  One in our bedroom and one in the kid’s bedroom.  The rest of the house has been getting super hot since it has been so hot in our area.  It gets so hot in our house that you drip in sweat by just sitting.  I was a nurse in the Navy so I know all about heat stroke.  So if I don’t clean during the day because I don’t want to give myself heat stroke I shouldnt have to hear shit about it.  So to compensate for not cleaning during the day I was staying up all night every other night to clean.  Then I heard shit because I wasnt going to bed with him.  Damned if I do damned if I don’t kind of thing.  During our big conversation we went over this and once again he swore never to say it again because he understood.  Last part, bitch.  Now I don’t mind being called a bitch.  Except when it is my husband and he is using it to call me names.  I am sorry but my friends and blood family are the only people permitted to call me a bitch.  He swore he would never call me this again. 

Well I checked the home phone and noticed that we had an “anonymous” call at 801 pm.  Very shortly before he “went to look at a car”. We have had this phone for 2 weeks and only 3 people have called it 2 of his friends and one being him.  Suspicious.  When asked about it tonight he acted like he had no clue.  Liar.

I also checked his phone and like any good cheater/liar he had erased everything before my text.  So I went to sign into his account and it said the password was incorrect.  We always keep the same passwords for everything so nothing is hidden and is easily looked into.  Part of the trust thing.  Well so I went to forgot password and tried all the available secret questions.  Still a no go.Suspicious and will be brought up. 

There was also a 6 pack of beer in the fridge before he left so I when I looked guess what wasnt in the fridge?  That is  reer.  I should have known to look at these things before he left. 

So back to when he came home.  I remembered that my phone had video recording on it.  So since the next day he always tells me that he didn’t say this or that I decided to record.  Almost 15 minutes worth.  He ignored me for the first part.  And sidenote he didn’t know he was being recorded.  He refused to tell me what he had been doing while he was gone, where he was at, and who was there.  Very suspicious.  I will be honest I was being a complete smartass.  I think that a wife should be given an answer to where, what and with whom.  Not telling me is disrespectful and hiding something.  He called me a bitch multiple times.  Something he swears he doesn’t do and wouldn’t do anymore.  Sidenote, I have such a sexy voice lmao.  And I am a complete smartass. 

So this is the plan.  I will break this into two parts.  One being the normal and one being the bitch.

The Normal

I will be staying up to ask him all the same questions and telling him what he said to me and what he called me.  All done without the knowledge of me having recorded 15 minutes of it.  Sidenote, I will be getting a memory card to put in my phone so I can record more than 15 minutes.  And when he swears to not saying the shit I will whip the phone out and show him the video.  Wonder what his response will be then.  I will try to set up the video camera to catch that action.  This may have been the last straw to our marriage.   He will also be giving me the password to his account and voicemail and also his secret question and answer. 

The Bitch

First off “R” is not permitted on my property.  If he comes over I will let him know he isn’t permitted here and to leave.  If he doesn’t then I will be calling the police and issuing him a no trespass notice.  And from now on for anybody I do not want on my property I will be doing the same. 

We share one car.  The one that I pay all the registration, insurance, and taxes on.  The one in only my name.  Th one I bought while I was in the Navy way before I met him.  He will not be allowed to use it.  I will drive him and pick him up to and from wherever he needs to be. 

I will be checking his phone, email, and all accounts frequently. 

He has to go into work tomorrow and do payroll.  Well I will be up and ready and have the kids ready and we will be taking him in and hanging out while he is there.  And from now on anyplace that he needs to be I will be going.  Now I am not going to be hanging out at his work all the time.  But I will be showing up spontaneously a lot. 

Until he can show me he is someone to be trusted again I am not trusting anything he says and will be checking to make sure he is telling the truth. 

I can’t keep him from doing something if he wants to but I can make it hard as hell. 

He thinks I am a bitch now, well, he hasn’t witnessed me being a bitch yet.

At this point, I don’t care if we stay together or get a divorce.  What happens will be because of his actions.

I will continue being me.  I will start taking care of myself for once.  I will only be looking out for mine and my children’s best interests. 

I am a young, beautiful, intelligent, vibrant woman.  I do not need to allow myself to be treated so badly. 


Brief Break

Well, I had to take a brief break in blogging.  My internet went down.  It sucked and now I am back.

So there may be a change in this challenge I have given myself.  No during the break I did not hold up to the challenge.  My husband and I have the fight but not the make up sex.  Sucks for me I guess.  Starting tomorrow I will be back to the normal stuff. 

Oh and I have a sneaky suspicion that my husband found this blog.  To many mentions of the word “nympho” and “you are the one trying to get us to have sex everyday”.  I don’t know how I feel about that.  I am curious as to how he found my blog.  So,  because of that, I am going to change it up a bit.  You wont be getting the plan beforehand.

I will be back to blogging tomorrow.

P.S. My Adam and Eve orders have shipped!  Yah!

A new Adam and Eve email hit my inbox this evening. 


Click below to claim our LARGEST FREE video collection ever offered – and it’s yours FREE!

A Whopping $116.80 Value!

You’re guaranteed to see all this and more!
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Plus, we’ll also include Adam & Eve’s Scarlet Stroker – ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Claim your FREE GIFTS right now and you’ll get to take $10 OFF your entire order!”

So the deal with this is that after you receive the 10 bucks off your order you need to have added enough to your cart to still need to pay 17 bucks. 

I am a sucker for these deals.  I love sex toys and I love porn. 

So this is what I ordered:

Adam and Eve G Spot Explorer Kit

“Find your G Spot… and get ready for multiple orgasms!
Valued at $64.85, saving you an amazing 70%!

Take the mystery out of the G Spot! This kit contains everything you need to start enjoying powerful G Spot orgasms and pave the way for mind-blowing multiple orgasms!

The Adam and Eve G Spot Explorer Kit includes the following items:

G-Gasm Delight Vibrator
This specially-shaped vibrator targets your G Spot with a bulb-shaped tip, making it easier to find and massage that elusive spot! A powerful egg vibrator rests in the large tip, allowing for direct stimulation whether you’re probing her G Spot or clit or his prostate! And it’s even water-resistant for easy cleaning. The dial controller in the vibrator’s base lets you easily switch the sex toy on and off as well as change speeds. The G-Gasm Delight vibrator measures 7 inches long and 1.5 inches across at the tip, and is made from plastic for durability and easy penetration. The vibrator’s powered by 2 AA batteries, sold separately.

Unlocking the Secrets of the G Spot DVD
Sexual satisfaction is redefined in this educational adult movie that teaches lovers how to break their sexual routines and reach new levels of pleasure. Unlock the mystery of male multiple orgasms and explore the phenomena of G-Spot (Grafenberg) orgasms and female ejaculation.

A&E G Spot Cream
Just rub a small dab of this cream on your G Spot to enhance your pleasure even more. The cream goes to work immediately, increasing blood flow to your G Spot to make it easier to find while enhancing the nerves to further heighten your pleasure. The jar contains enough cream for dozens of applications.”

I absolutely love kits.  I want to have more squirting orgasms so maybe this will do the trick.  I am extremely excited about the cream.  I have another one of the A & E creams and it does exactly as described.  I have never had a g spot vibrator so I am looking forward to it.  I am hoping the DVD will be very instructional.  That way we can watch it together and maybe I will get to squirt a lot practicing lol.

Oral Delights Couple Kit

“Craving A Good Licking?
Make oral sex even more fun — all in one kit! The waterproof  4” mini-massager has a nubby-head attachment PLUS a soft UR3 3” “tongue” sleeve to drive your partner over the edge! You also get 1-oz. bottles of wild cherry-flavored Good Head Gel for flavorful blowjobs, and strawberry Lick Me Licker Gel for tastier body parts!”

Once again I love kits.  I really love oral sex and this kit is perfect.  It comes with a little vibrator with nubs that looks perfect for clit stimulation.  The kit comes with a tongue sleeve which is either going to be a huge hit or a miss.  And to round it out you get a bottle of good head gel and a bottle of lick me licker gel.  I love giving blow jobs so the taste doesn’t bother me.  But maybe with this gel I may do so a little more “eagerly”. 

Adam and Eve Scarlet Stroker

“Male masturbator’s ribs stroke your cock!
Exclusive sex toy available only from Adam and Eve!

Lube up, slide in and let this men’s sex toy do all the hard work while you sit back and enjoy it!

Male masturbator lined with ribs for additional stimulation
Textured outer surface for better grip
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Masturbator is open ended for easier cleaning

The inside of this male masturbator is lined with dozens of soft, soothing ribs that stroke and rub against your cock with every thrust of this adult sex toy! The tight opening creates a special “first-time” feeling when you slide between those soft, colorful lips. And the adult sex toy’s outer shaft is covered with ribs, giving you a secure grip even when your hands are slick with sex lube so the masturbator won’t fly off!

Made from jelly, this male masturbator is soft to the touch and extremely flexible, providing a snug and comfortable fit around your penis. The masturbator’s jelly material easily stretches to help accommodate any sized man. And the ticklers bend and move easily while you pump away with this adult sex toy. This male masturbator measures 4 inches long and 1.5 inches across at its widest point.

Adam and Eve recommends this adult sex toy for men to use during masturbation or for couples to use during foreplay.

This male masturbator is compatible with water-based and silicone-based sex lubes. After you’re finished using this sex toy, wash it in warm, soapy water and rinse it clean. The male masturbator’s open-ended design lets you hold it up to the faucet to flush the sex toy completely clean. After letting the masturbator dry, store it in a cool, dark place apart from your other adult sex toys.”

This item was including in the offer.  I have purchased a few of these for my husband.  I love using them on him and watching his face.  I hope this one is just as great as the other ones. 

You also get to choose between a surprise dvd or toy and we picked dvd this time.  I am eager to see what it is.

I will review these items when I get them. 

Well it is going to be a new day and I am going to put the stripper fantasy on the back burner for now.  I think I need to start smaller and build it up to that.

I am going to take from what I wanted to do on day 2.  Sometime during day 3 I am going to flash my husband.  It is something small and easily accomplished.  I think he will really enjoy it.  I may try to kick it up a notch and do it outside. 

Besides what man doesn’t like to see tits?

Day two is over and now its time for a review.  I am going to start with the good, then the bad, and then the ugly. 

The Good

I had sex with my husband today.  Actually twice. 

I woke him up and started giving him a handjob,that progressed to a blowjob,that then progressed to me having his dick inside me.  It was fantastic. 

We had a pretty good day.  There was some flirting all day and no arguing.  We actually talked about sex and that is something that we havent done in a while.  And we placed another order with Adam and Eve.  I will make a new post on that one. 

Before bed tonight we had sex again.  It started with me sucking his dick while he was fingering my pussy.  He started fucking me from behind which makes me go crazy and then he added in some spanking which really put me over the top.  I leaned over the bed and got my anal plug and anal lube.  I had him put it in me and it turned me on incredibly.  He then fucked me hard and fast until I could feel his dick throbbing as he was cumming.  I asked him to finish me off which he did.  I still had my anal plug in and used my clit sensitizer gel.  I rubbed my clit and he used my dildo in my pussy.  Just the feeling of being so full sent me into a body shaking orgasm. 

The Bad

I didn’t complete the stripper fantasy again.  I am so frustrated over it.  I let life get me so busy that I couldn’t set it up.  That was the whole point in this challenge, to not let life get in the way of our sex life. 

I also didn’t flash him.  Which is really frustrating because it is something that is so quick and easy to do.  I simply forgot until I sat down to write this.

I also didn’t give him a spontaneous blowjob.  But in my defense I didn’t have an opportunity.

The fact that I have so many “I didn’t do” things today really makes me sad.  But I did keep with the main focus of having sex everyday.

The Ugly

I mentioned in a previous post about bringing other people into our sex life.  And I mentioned that I felt that he brought it up every time we had sex.  Well he mentioned it again tonight.  I am so very frustrated with him about it.

So this was day 2 wrap up.  All in all I would give it a 6 out of 10.

Day One Review

Well day one is over and I promised a review.  I did have sex with my husband(see previous post). 

 I would have to rate today a 5 out of 10.  It got a 5 because I did have sex and had a great day.  It didn’t receive a 10 because I didn’t fulfill the stripper role.  Time simply got away and my husband was tired.  He doesn’t get much sleep during the week so he has to catch up on his days off.  Although, I don’t let lack of sleep come in between me and getting my sex on.  So long story short, I did fulfill my goal of doing something sexual with my husband every day.

Part of this journey was to increase not only the banging frequency but also the intimacy between my husband and I think that was accomplished today.  We joked and played around today.  My husband flashed me his cock a few times lol.  I should have jumped him those times but the kids kept that from happening.  We did some play fighting and wrestling.  That was extremely fun.  I really liked when I was on top of him pinning him down.  I think he really enjoyed seeing that side of me.  Well at least his cock did.  I am going to make it a point to get physical with my husband other than sex.  Maybe one day while we are playing around he may slip and his dick may get shoved in my pussy.  At least I can hope. 

So the plan for tomorrow is the stripper routine from yesterday.  I am going to have to keep track of time since I have an evening class. 

I also want to surprise my husband a few times tomorrow.  I plan on flashing him the girls a few times.  I am sure he will love this because its something I did when we first got together and I havent done it since. 

When we were first together;we were at my husband’s mom’s house visiting.  She lived in a huge 2 story house.  I was in one of the rooms upstairs and I don’t even remember what I was doing.  My husband was outside.  I was flirting with him out the window.  I was feeling really fun and I lifted my shirt and bra and not only showed him the goodies but also tweaked the nipples a little bit.  The fact that we were in the middle of town and anyone driving by could see me I was really turned on. 

I also want to give him one hell of a blow job,not getting anything in return.  Just out of the blue, as soon as the opportunity presents itself.  Drop to my knees in front of him and rip his pants down kind of blowjob.

I will also attempt to wake him up when I head to bed and ride his cock.  If he doesn’t wake up then I will set my alarm about 15 minutes before his so I can get up and brush my teeth and jump him as soon as he wakes up. 

Before writing this entry I went to bed with my husband and since he was tired I didn’t bother him.  I turned on PlayboyTV.  They were playing Kobe loves Jenna.  Not really my cup of tea.  I can’t vouch for the entire movie since I only watched about 20 minutes.  What I did watch was a highly produced film.  It seemed to be trying to appeal to women who want a little more romance with their porn.  Like I said, not my cup of tea.  I want the hardcore banging. 

While watching I decided to play with myself.  No toys just me.  I lifted my shirt and began to rub my breasts and pinch my nipples.  I let my hand slide down to my pussy.  I was already dripping wet.  I rubbed my clit until I had a hard shaking orgasm.  Then I got dressed and start typing away on this post. 

I have been debating how x rated to make this blog.  I think I am going to start including videos and pictures of the x rated variety instead of the soft stuff. 

Well I am off to bed hopefully to mount my husband.


Morning Sex

Well I was feeling really frisky this morning so I had to jump my husband. 

 We were laying in bed and I inched closer and closer to him.  Then I reached down and started stroking his cock.  He started to get hard very quickly.  I was planning on making this morning all about him but it didn’t happen that way.  He started fondling my breasts and nipples.  It felt amazing.  I love having my breasts played with.  I have actually orgasmed from nipple play.  He then started playing with my clit.  Rubbing and flicking it.  Then he slid his fingers deep into my pussy.  I thought I was going to cream all over his fingers. 

I put my back against him and slid his dick into my pussy.  He pumped his dick into me over and over again.  It was great.  Then I took control and started grinding on him.  He was really vocal about when he was about to cum.  I pulled away at the exact moment before he came.  While I was grinding on him he was playing with my breasts and nipples.  I have to say that I loved that part and I really am craving that more. 

Then the fun really began.  I was so wet from our fucking that I took his dick out of my pussy and slid it slowly into my ass.  First I put the head in and then I put it in inch by inch until he was fully inside my ass.  I shuddered from how great it felt.  I love anal when I am super wet and really turned on.  I let him take control.  That is when the dirty talk started.  My husband goes crazy when I talk dirty to him.  He told me he was cumming and instead of trying to keep him from cumming, I told him to cum in my ass.  I could feel his dick pulsating. 

I told him I hadn’t came yet so he went to the bathroom to pee and clean up and then came back.  What happened next was something we normally wouldn’t have done.  He played with my breasts and nipples again.  He started playing with my pussy.  Although I normally wouldn’t have thought about how long it took.  I really wanted this to be more about him.  So cumming quickly was necessary. 

I spread my pussy wide open and he found my clit quickly.  Just when I was about to peak he stuck his fingers inside me and kept me from cumming.  We played like this for about 15 minutes.  I asked him to get my dildo and play with me. 

That is when my party started.  I have to tell you that my dildo is not small.  It is about 9 inches from head to balls and very thick.  I can never take all of it.  But that doesnt keep my husband from trying to make me take all of it.  He slid it inside me and I felt completely stretched.  I love that feeling.  He was fucking me hard with it and fingering my clit at the same time.  When I came, I came hard. 

That is a perfect way to start the day in my book.


So I have this obsession with Adam and Eve.  Not the biblical figures;the sex shop.  I get their emails with all kinds of deals.  I received one the other day.  You purchased one movie at full price and you got 5 free.  Plus you can choice to get either a free sex toy or free dvd.  The only restriction was that you had to choose from Adam and Eve produced movies.  This is my dirty little secret.  I love porn.  I watch porn at least once a day on most days. 

If you want to see what your man is really into let him purchase some dvds.  Since we had six to choose from, I picked three and he picked three.  No hovering, no questioning.  Just a last-minute check to make sure we didn’t order any of the same. 

So here were my three picks:

Everybody Loves Big Boobies

“Oh, how they jut out, like jiggly bumpers, softening the blow of thigh-spreading thrusts and slurpy sucks! Here’s a breast-lovers feast, with the BIG BOOBIES you love on 17 HOT-TITTED GIRLS! See fresh farm milk cascade down Briana Banks’s hooters before she gives up her bum for ass lovin’! Angelica Sin and Bridgette Kerkove get tail tagged side by side! Pound-for-pound, it’s all the breast action you can stand see bared! Sondra Hall, Mary Carey, Brittany Andrews, Tina Cheri, Kylie Ireland, Kianna, Holly Body, Kitten, Jewel D’Nyle, Lana Moore, Stormy, Brittany Skye, Stacy Valentine, Taylor St. Claire and Renee LaRue. 222 X-rated minutes.”

Being a girl with big boobies, I had to have this one.  I love to watch a womans breasts bounce during sex.

Girlgasms 2

**couldnt copy and paste this DVD cover**
100% Real Female Ejaculations!
Exclusive Adult DVD from Adam and Eve!
This soaking-wet adult DVD will leave you positively drenched after watching 8 scenes gushing with girl juice! Cytheria’s amazing ejaculations will splash your screen when she screws Steven St. Croix. Aria does a puss-n-ass filling DP before she sprays down 2 men with pussy nectar. And Karina’s anal exploits finish with a showering finale! Also stars squirt-gals Holly Hollywood, Victoria Givens, Rose and Angela Stone. 111 All-Squirting minutes.
My fascination with squirting is crazy.  I have always wanted to do it and have only done it a few times. 
Headmaster 2
**Couldnt copy and paste this cover**
Austyn Moore is Hot for Teacher!
See why bad girls are so…HOT! School girl Austyn Moore crosses the line! Spanking just makes her worse when she seduces teacher Tommy with her sweet lips on his cock! Sister Roxanne is surely going to hell after pleasuring herself with a horny priest! Get off good with a drill instructor and other trusted teachers! 99 X-rated minutes, 52 minutes DVD extras.
I love spanking.  I wish my husband actually did it more.  And I was in the Navy and during those boot camp days of no sex I had the occasional dream of fucking one of my drill instructors. 
And here are his 3 picks:
Group Sex 6
**couldnt copy and paste this dvd cover**
Group Sex is Wilder Sex!
Hours of group gropes & 3-ways!

This action-packed 4-hour adult DVD is chock full of something for everyone with DPs, girl-girl, anal, squirting, toy play, interracial and more! 243 minutes.

Scene 2: Joanna Angel, Justine Joli, Sarah Blake and Keeani Lei are in a 4-way makeout session when Scott Nails and Talon start knocking on their backdoors!

Scene 5: Justine Joli, Jenna Haze, Jade Starr and 7 of their best galpals take part in an anything-goes orgy complete with toe banging, butt spanking and anal toy play!

Scene 6: Sex kittens Jessica Drake, Daisy Marie, and Angela Crystal play around like real cats (even slurping milk from a bowl) before running their tongues over Evan Stone’s cock taking turns bouncing on his shaft! 

Scene 9: Missy just can’t stop squirting with Jerry pumping in and out of her ass and Gianna Lynn rubbing her clit! 

Scene 11: After sucking and stroking Marco Banderas and Marcus Leon, Melissa Lauren gets plowed head over heals before settling in for a wild DP!

And 6 More Scenes!

Trying to tell me anything?  LOL.  Actually this is a bone of contention in our sex life.  We tried the “swinger” lifestyle.  We tried–me, him, and another girl–once.  And we tried–me, him, and another guy–a few times.  With the guys it didn’t cause any problems because they were more than willing to “bang and go”.  However, the girl started a lot of problems.  She told me my husband was trying to screw her behind my back and etc.  And then it seemed like every time we had sex he was asking to include other people.  So as long as all group action stays on the screen I am good to go.  Although I wouldn’t rule out trying something like that again in the future.  It would just have to have rules. 

Black Dick Moan

*couldnt copy and paste**

4 Hours Of Girls Moaning For Black Dick!


A mix of all-black and interracial scenes starring lusty ladies who love to make that Black Dick Moan! Kelly Wells’ dirty mouth testifies while pogo-ing up and down on Mandingo’s gigantic shaft! Rock flips his boss Amber Rayne upside down for a 69 before filling her tight ass with his big, black sequoia! 12 scenes. 246 minutes.

This one is cut and dry.  He is black and I am white.  Of course he would rather see a black man putting it to a white girl.  I am looking forward to this one myself. 

Long Dong Black Kong 1 & 2 Combo Pack

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White Babes’ First Time With Black Cocks!

Volume 1
Anything less than 10 inches just isn’t enough! Bree Olson crosses her ankles behind Justin Long’s head for some deep-thrusting missionary! Bratty Veronique Vega wraps her soft lips around Byron Long’s thick shaft (Gotta love those POV shots!) before bending over for some hard doggy shagging that leaves her howling! Emily Evermore treats John E Depth to an over-the-top tongue teasing, licking and tickling before deepthroating him! 137 minutes.

Volume 2
These babes are shocked speechless when they see their first black dick, but they’re screaming for more in no time! Lellani thinks Byron Long is just too big for her but she goes wild when he slips it inside her for some doggy! Renae Cruz gobbles down Justin Long in a drool-worthy deepthroating before spooning with him on a couch! 144 minutes, plus 101 bonus minutes.

Let me be honest here.  Women like to think “the bigger the better” when it comes to dick.  I on the other hand think anything bigger than 8 inches is useless.  I am sorry but all of that is not going to fit inside me all the way.  Nice to watch though.  I find myself wanting to say “take all that cock you slut”.  Just me? Ok lol. 

I will post reviews as they are watched. 

Side note: everything in italics is copied from Adam and Eve’s website.  I am not claiming it as my own.


This is the third and final installment of my list of songs to strip to.  Hope you enjoy.

Tool “Sober”

This song is incredibly haunting.  Wanna give your man a memory?  Strip to this song.  Then just randomly play it every now and then and watch his face light up. 

Nerd “Lapdance”

Just listen and you will understand.

Christina Milian “Dip it Low”

This song is great for stripping.  Lyrics: “Ima show ya how to make your man sing”. 

TLC ” Red Light Special”

This song is like the kinda girl who yells “Fuck me now!”

Rob Zombie ” Living Dead Girl”

Great song.  It is a must on my list. When he says “living dead girl” and the beat kicks in I wanna rip my clothes off.”

I hope you have enjoyed my list!  A little off the wall, yes.  But good anyway.  My main rule for stripping is to pick music that makes you either want to get naked or bang.  If the song doesn’t do either to you then you need to pick a different song. 

Side note: If you decide to use my list to make your own CD, please download legally.



This is part two of my songs to strip to.  Enjoy.

Nelly Furtado “Say It Right”

The combination of her voice and the beat behind this song is fantastic. 

Billy Idol “Eyes Without a Face”

No real explanation.  Just listen to it.  Quite simply it makes me want to get down.

Shakira “She Wolf”

Shakira reminds me of sex.  The beat is great.  And with lyrics like “I’m gonna get me a lover and tell you about it” it has to be on a strip CD.

Lovage “Sex (Im a)”

This song is haunting and über sexy.

Nelly “Grillz”

This song is more for my husband than for me.  Dont get me wrong I love the song and it makes me want to dance.  During the beginning of our relationship my husband’s sister took me out to the club.  I invited my husband to show up a little later.  This song came on and I got down to it.  My husband had never seen me dance before and lets just say he was very impressed. 

That was part two.  I hope you have enjoyed the list so far.  Next up is part three.